23 suspects, including 4 women, were held for 15 days in the event of a doctor’s burial in Dakahlia


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Counselor Mohamed Hefni, head of the Public Prosecution in Mansoura, ordered, on Sunday evening, the imprisonment of 23 accused, including 4 women, all of whom are residents of the village of Shubra El-Baho ​​of the Aga Center, for a period of 15 days pending investigations into the incident of preventing the payment of the body of Dr. Sonia Aref, who died of the new Corona virus.

The Public Prosecution charged the defendants: “gathering, terror, resisting the authorities, obstructing public transportation, and blocking the road.”

The villagers intercepted the ambulance carrying the body and prevented it from entering the graves for burial in the graves of her husband’s family in the village after one of the people in the mosque’s microphone issued an invitation to urge the citizens to get off and prevent the body from being buried under the pretext of “preventing the spread of infection”.

The police forces moved to the location of the incident and tried for several hours to convince the people that the burial of the body would be according to the health procedures followed in the presence of the quarantine team, and would not affect their health.

Investigations of the Public Prosecution revealed details of the occurrence of the incident from the testimony of the officer, Head of the Judgment Implementation Unit of the Aga Police Center, who received a report from the Rescue Operations Room on the morning of the eleventh of April, stating that some people gathered in the village of Shubra El-Baho ​​in the Center’s department to prevent the burial of the body of a dead woman – who reached Age sixty-four years – in the landfills of their relatives in the village after she was infected with the new “Corona” virus, and they intercepted the ambulance transporting the body and the accompanying preventive medical staff and their families from reaching the cemeteries. So the company of the police moved to the place of the gathering, so they showed a large crowd repeating the participant There are chants to prevent the burial of the body in the village graves, and some of them set fire to grain crops around agricultural lands surrounding the gathering and tires of cars on the main road to prevent the security forces and the ambulance from passing; the police gave them advice and guidance starting to break up the gathering; they did not comply and continued in their actions and their numbers increased, and some threw Including stones on the police force and the ambulance, one of which caused damage to the last car, insulted them, and incited the people in the vicinity of the gathering to participate in it; they terrorized the citizens and disturbed public peace and security; and the police took steps to break up their gathering with the gas. Twenty-three of them were caught while the rest escaped, and burial procedures for the deceased were taken under the supervision of the preventive medicine staff with the necessary preventive measures.

The Public Prosecution asked the son of the deceased; he testified that his mother was attached to her residence because of her diabetes and high blood pressure and the failure of one of the kidneys and a clot in one of her toes, and that during the months of February and last March, she visited a private clinic for medical examination for an injury to her foot, then she was transferred to the Delta Hospital in Mansoura in Last March, due to the deterioration of her health and the need for surgery to amputate her injured finger, and that she had severe shortness of breath while preparing for this surgery and her condition worsened; she was transferred to Al-Sadr Hospital in Mansoura, where she was found infected with the new Corona virus, so she was transferred K to the Abu Khalifa Hospital, the Quarantine headquarters in Ismailia, and she died to the mercy of God there on the evening of the tenth of April, and after receiving some of his relatives his body to bury him the next morning after taking preventive washing and shrouding procedures; they took an ambulance accompanied by a crew from the Preventive Medicine Department To the Ministry of Health and a police force for insurance heading to the family cemeteries in the village of Shubra El-Bahou to bury the body; it was learned at six in the morning from one of his relatives some people gathered on the main road leading to the graves protesting to bury his mother in the village for fear of the spread of the virus that She was afflicted with him; he took a secondary road; but the crowd cut him off, threatening them and insulting them, and they did not accept the police’s attempts to dissuade them from cutting the road; Accompanying them, they hit the ambulance with their hands to threaten and then their numbers increased, and some of them carried an ax that they used to threaten, and some of them threw rocks at them, one of which caused damage to the ambulance, and others set fire to tires and wood to cut the highway, while he responded Others gathered from the crowd chants demanding their departure for fear of the epidemic affected by the deceased, and others encroached on the police forces by insulting and profanity; they remained surrounded for about four hours until the supporting force from the police arrived, which was able to break up the gathering and then take measures to bury the body and sterilize and disinfect the grave Surrounding him, and the deceased’s son got acquainted with some of the defendants as soon as they were brought before him, specifying the role of each of them in the incident.

The Public Prosecution also asked the ambulance driver who transported the body, testifying to the content of the deceased’s son’s testimony, confirming that he had taken the necessary precautions to sterilize the car as commissioning from the hospital in which the deceased was being transported, and added with his knowledge to invite some during the Fajr prayer to gather in order to prevent the body of the deceased in the village. The Public Prosecution also asked the employee in charge of sterilizing the tombs of the village of Shubra El-Bahou, and he testified to the same content, confirming that he had taken measures to sterilize the tombs of the village after burying the body, its surroundings and the road leading to it. Another witness was asked about the gathering from the acquaintances of the deceased’s husband. He testified about the same contents of the previous testimonies.

The Public Prosecution monitored and watched a number of video clips circulated on the social media of the incident. It was clear from them that some of the crowd surrounded the ambulance – their faces and voices appeared clearly – in order to prevent their progress, and their driver instructed them to leave for fear of the virus that the deceased was infected with, and hit them on the car to terrorize its independents, Police later gathered the crowd as a gas to disperse them after they objected to them and chanted against it, and one of them threw stones at them, so the crowd broke up amid attempts to escape the participants and the police threw stones at them, while the police arrested some of them.

By questioning the public prosecutors, the accused accused them of denying the accusations, and a number of them decided to hear them calling through a loudspeaker on the morning of the incident, broadcasting the arrival of a dead “Corona” virus to the village, calling on the people to gather to prevent being buried in them, while one of the defendants got acquainted with a number of fleeing in the sections The photographed case, when confronted with it, and another decided to watch him. Three of the arrested suspects objected to saying the ambulance and its companions to prevent the deceased’s burial.

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