3 prank programs competing in Ramadan 2020 … Learn about its broadcast channel


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Posted Date: Thursday, April 9 2020 – 15:35 | Last update: Thursday, April 9, 2020 – 15:35

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        Dumps are one of the most important programs that the public awaits each year for what the stars offer.<p><a href="https://www.filfan.com/news/details/114564" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Meet the guests of Ramez Jalal ... This is the place to shoot<br/></a>

For years, the artist Ramiz Jalal has become a star of this type of program, along with attempts by some artists to compete with him by offering similar programs.

In Ramadan 2020, 3 programs will be shown on MBC Egypt.

“Official crazy Ramez”

Also, Ramez Jalal is back with his fans this year through “Ramez Majnoon Official” program.

FilFan had obtained from private sources some information about the program and its guests, including that it was filmed entirely in Dubai and ended filming the episodes before the crisis of airport closures and travel suspensions due to the spread of Corna virus.

As for the guest list of them:

  • Yasmine Sabry
    Amina Khalil
    – Jasmine Head
    -Paikas father-in-law
    Ashraf bin Sharqi, player of Zamalek Club
    Tariq Hamed, player of Zamalek Club
    Ali Maaloul, Al-Ahly player

“Take care of Vivi”

As for the second program of the artist, Fifi Abdo, who looks at her fans in a new and different experience, by presenting a program of dumps, in which she hosts a group of artists, and co-sponsored by Moroccan actress Zineb Abid.

No one understands anything.

The third program is presented by the artist Mohamed Tharwat, who is competing this year to present the prank programs through “No one understands the need.”

But unlike previous programs, Tharwat will not host artists in his program, but rather implement his mold in the ordinary public.

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