5 positions show Rene Fyler’s diplomacy and reveal his respect for Al-Ahly fans


Al-Ahly coach Rene Weiler showed his great diplomacy in his responses to the thorny questions that reveal his respect for his club fans and not to go into problems with the fans that may lose him part of the love story that supporters of the Red Castle live with, after he returned the results of the red team to its normal level at both levels Local and African.

During Fyler’s first media appearance, he refused to answer 5 thorny questions, the answer to which may be an adventure leading him to fall into the trap of enmity with the fans of Al-Ahly, but he was at a high level of intelligence, and he closed the conversation about these files and his answers were diplomatic to the greatest extent.

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“My suggestion is that El-Ahly coach Al-Ahly presented a proposal to save the league season from the specter of cancellation,” he said during his hosting on On Time Sports channel. “I propose to establish a tournament between clubs within sterile stadiums so that players in hotels remain under control.”

He added, “I know that the problem is global, and we have commitment, and I do not have other options. They are just suggestions and hopes, and are committed to any decision issued by the Football Association amid the Corona crisis. Nobody knows what will happen in the coming period, and we hope to resume the games to please the fans, and I hope that the league matches will be held, I respect Country conditions, and I hope that the period will not be prolonged.

He continued, “I see that one game is isolated in a hotel, which motivates us to continue the matches and maintains the safety of the players, and we restore hope and safety to the fans, the decision is not up to me so I accept it, this is my opinion, I do not have options, any decision of the Football Association must be accepted“.


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