70 musicians and full orchestras for the “Choice” music by Amir Karara, signed by Tamer Karawan


Musician Tamer Karawan handed the soundtrack for the series “the choice“Synergy Company, which produces the series, starring Amir Karara, and scheduled for next Ramadan, which deals with the life story of the hero and legend of the thunderbolt, the martyr Ahmed Mansi.

Musician Tamer Karawan told Al-Youm Al-Sabaa that he recently finished recording the soundtrack for the work, as he participated in playing the entire “orchestra” music, which consists of 70 musicians and musicians, noting that he used oriental and western instruments that overshadowed the events of the series, especially as there Human scenes within the events of the series required the use of oriental machines only.

Karawan pointed out that the selection series has a special character in his music, especially that this music depends heavily on violent and humanitarian events at the same time, in addition to action scenes, chases, planes, artillery, etc., which makes it distinct and different from other dramas.

Karawan expressed his happiness, by putting on the music of “choice”, especially that it is a patriotic work, which tells of a popular legend such as Colonel Ahmed Al-Mansi, who sacrificed himself in order to uphold the name of the country and preserve the land and the show and has been fighting for the people.

It is noteworthy that the musician Tamer Karawan puts the soundtrack of the series “Black Luminous” by the Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe, scheduled for next Ramadan, directed by Karim El Adl, and written by Amin Jamal and his written workshop, as well as the series “100 Wash” by star Nelly Karim and Aser Yassin, directed by Kamel Abu Zikra, written by Ahmed Wael and Amr El-Daly, and also sets the soundtrack for the series “We Love Tani Les” starring Yasmine Abdel Aziz, directed by Mostafa Fekry, and written by Amr Mahmoud Yassin.


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