83 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in Saudi Arabia, with a total number of 2605


The Saudi Ministry of Health announced today, Monday, that it recorded 83 new infections with the Corona virus, increasing the number of infections to 2605, according to urgent news for the “Sky News” network.

And the new Corona virus continues to spread in various countries of the world, where more than one million and 300 thousand infected people have been registered around the world as well as more than 70 thousand deaths.

In Morocco, it was announced that the number of coronavirus cases increased to 1120 cases and the total number of deaths 80, Jordan recorded 4 new cases of Coronavirus and the total inside it 349 and the recovery of 16 new cases, and the number of coronavirus infections in Turkey exceeded 30 thousand and 649 deaths.

Canada has seen the number of corona fatalities rise to 293 cases and infections amount to 15,822 cases, and Qatar has announced the registration of 228 new infections with the new Corona virus.

Italy announced the registration of 636 new deaths, bringing the number of deaths due to corona to 16 thousand, while the number of deaths due to corona in the United States exceeded the barrier of 10 thousand cases.

It is noteworthy that the Corona virus began to spread at the end of this year, specifically from the Chinese city of Wuhan, and then moved to a large number of countries in the world. In order to control the spread of this virus, countries have taken preventive and precautionary measures such as curfews and others.


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