A Boeing plane glitch provides the pilots with false data on airspeed and altitude


An order issued by the United States government will force the Boeing 787s to be closed regularly to avoid any malfunctions in the onboard computer systems, as the plane must be shut down and operated again every 51 days to prevent possible failure, due to a malfunction that results in providing pilots with incorrect air speed data And height.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, if the plane is left for a long time without being turned off, large areas of data can accumulate in the program and corrupt the information displayed to the pilots.

The Federal Aviation Authority said (FAAThis defect may lead to incorrect data on airspeed and altitude appearing on the initial displays, making it difficult for pilots to maintain flight safety and landing.

Airplanes are often left in operation for weeks at a time each time crews change at airports or planes are connected overnight during cleaning and maintenance, so this data can disrupt systems and feed pilots with false information for various key metrics.

The defect also affects the pilots’ ability to monitor the condition of the engine, and may prevent an overspeed warning sound from working properly.

Software errors mean that the internal flat computer, called the shared platform (CCS), Does not filter out old data, and therefore affects network CDN That feeds data directly to basic aviation screens (PFDs) In the cockpit.

Backup monitors receive data from a different source, and are therefore not affected by it, but bugs in the initial screens occur.

Shutting down and operating the aircraft again is a temporary solution and the Federal Aviation Administration is calling for Boeing to find a more comprehensive solution, and it will enter into force on April 7, and FAA The strength to force airlines to stick to the base due to the severity of the defect.


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