A breakaway official talks about the North Korean leader being wounded during a missile test


In light of Kim Jong Un’s mysterious disappearance and conflicting reports about his location and health condition, the British Daily Mail newspaper published the statements of a former official who says that Kim may have been injured during one of the missile tests.

“Lee Jong-ho,” a former North Korean Labor Party official currently residing in the United States, wrote today in a South Korean newspaper that “Kim” must have been healthy enough to allow missile testing on April 14, but that he Maybe he got hurt during that process.

“Kim has been absent from missile test reports for today, while there have been no videos of missile launches or fighter plane drills, indicating the possibility of an unexpected accident possibly caused by debris or fire,” Jong Ho said.

Jong Ho questioned the allegations that Kim could have been “brain dead”, after reports of Kim Jong Un’s deteriorating health following serious heart surgery.

He added that the missile barrage that fell off the east coast of the country on April 14 would not have happened without Kim’s approval.

North Korean media did not provide any direct updates on Kim’s health, which experts considered unusual in itself.

“Moon Chung,” the National Security Adviser to the South Korean President, told CNN that the position of the Seoul government is firm, that the North Korean leader is still alive and in good health, adding that Kim Jong Un has been staying in the Winson area since April 13. This April, and that his country’s authorities have not detected any suspicious movements so far in the northern neighbor.

North Korean media announced on Monday that the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, expressed his appreciation to the people who are working on construction works for the Wonsan Kalma Tourist Area project.

This message was the latest in a series of statements issued in the past days about the work of Kim or his name, but none of them published a picture of him.

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