A catastrophic scene at the doorstep … unprecedented crowds and a critical decision of officials details


The Al-Ataba and Al-Moski regions witnessed a catastrophe by all accounts, and the street vendors and citizens gathered in an unfortunate scene that hit all the state’s decisions displaying the wall in the face of the spread of Corona virus.

An unprecedented congestion

Citizens gathered in many streets, in front and inside the shops to buy supplies and clothes, which provoked the ire of officials and the state in light of the ongoing preventive measures and awareness campaigns to contain the virus.RAMADAN month

The head of the Moski neighborhood, Brigadier Majed Al-Sayed, responded to the scene, stressing that the main reason for the close seasons is the blessed month of Ramadan.

Muski dealers

He clarified that all Musiki merchants are cooperating extensively to implement the country’s precautionary measures in the framework of confronting the “Corona” virus, as of March 15, with the application of the ban and the closure of shops.

30 thousand sellers

He added that the street vendors in the region exceeded 30 thousand and left during the past days, but the crowding today was due to the citizens who came to the area.

The neighborhood chief appealed to the masses to help the state and stay in the homes.

He explained that campaigns are launched on a daily basis, starting at nine in the morning, and records are issued against violators.


He stressed that the neighborhood will intensify its campaigns in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior before the seasons, the coming period against violators.

It is noteworthy that Cairo Governorate closed all major and small markets to prevent gatherings and confront the spread of Corona virus.

The Governorate, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, launched periodical intensive campaigns to evacuate the markets in order to prevent gatherings, the most prominent of which is Al-Ataba and Al-Mousky, the largest market in the capital.

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