A common crisis causes Coronas 5G to escalate after burning 20 communication towers in Britain


The conspiracy theories linking the 5G network to the spread of the Corona virus have witnessed a major escalation in Britain, after attacks to burn 20 phone towers, and one of the attacks on one used by emergency services in Huddersfield, and another in Dagenham arrested three teenagers on suspicion of setting the fire.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, one of the targeted sites over the weekend provides a mobile connection to Nightingale Hospital in Birmingham, and the doctors’ rejection of allegations that 5G signals may cause Corona virus or weaken the immune system, saying that the waves carry little Of energy to cause harm.

Nick Jeffrey, chief executive of a major network provider, warns that burning towers means destroying critical national infrastructure, and affecting emergency services and people’s lives.

“In practice, this means that families cannot say a final farewell to their loved ones; doctors, diligent nurses and police officers who work hard cannot contact their children, partners or parents for a comfortable conversation,” Jeffrey added.

Also, last week, people in Solihull, West Midlands, set fire to the 4G tower, which they believed was the 5G tower, adding to the wave of arson.

There is no scientific evidence that 5G poses any threat to human health, and was confirmed to be safe by the Radiation Control Authority last month.

Despite the proven evidence, but online conspiracy theories dispute the use of communication towers to weaken people’s immune systems, so they are more susceptible to infection with the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is transmitted between individuals, either through direct human contact or by capturing it on the hands and passing it to the eye or mouth.

Meanwhile, Mobile UK, the commercial body that represents all network providers, said, “Apathy can cause untold damage.”

The government is meeting with major social media companies to find out what they can do to reduce the amount of conspiracy theories that are being published online.


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