A drug company announces the start of human vaccine tests against corona


A drug company announces the start of human vaccine tests against corona


                    Dado Ruvic

The drug company “IRBM” announced that it will begin tomorrow, Thursday, tests for the vaccine against the emerging corona virus, on 510 people, noting that the work is underway “in full swing”.

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Authorities in England: The probability of getting a vaccine against Corona in 2021 is very low

“Everything is in full swing, and tomorrow in Britain the tests for the candidate vaccine against the COVID-19 epidemic will be started in Britain on a sample of 510 healthy volunteers,” Matteo Ligurei, head of the management of the Italian-based company, Pomezia, said in a press statement. “.

“We are proud to be able to support this project … the work required to develop a vaccine is usually carried out gradually, while this time it is being done in parallel, which will allow it to be speeded up a lot,” Ligurian added.

“The most important stage that will begin now, which is human trials,” for the potential vaccine, the IRBM CEO stressed.

For its part, said the project director at Oxford University, Sarah Gilbert, that the vaccine “has an 80% chance of reaching the end of the race,” adding: “Therefore we must all have confidence and continue to work intensively as we learned to do.”

Last February, Ligure said that the first thousand doses of the vaccine against the emerging corona virus would be ready for clinical trials by summer, and he expressed “hope that (clinical) tests will begin in humans next fall.”

Through its vaccine division, IRBM is collaborating with the Jenner Institute at Oxford University in the UK to produce the first batch of HIV vaccine, which is temporarily named “ChAdOx1 nCoV-19”.

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