A fan flirting with Ahmed Al-Awadi .. And Yasmine Abdel Aziz interferes


A great success achieved by the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi after his role in the “Choice” series, which embodies the life story of the martyr Ahmed Al-Mansi, and it is presented in the Ramadan series 2020, where Al-Awadi plays the role of the terrorist Hisham Ashmawi.

Ahmed Al-Awadi received many positive comments on his performance in the series, with the artist Amir Karara, where he recently published a picture of him from the events of “Choice”, and received courtesy from his follow-up on his page on “Instagram”.

The fan wrote a comment that Yasmine Abdel Aziz did not like, before the artist, who is currently presenting the series “We Love Tani Les,” replied: “Yes !!”.

The artist Ahmed Al-Awadi also shared a post through his official account on the social networking site “Facebook”, in which one of the site’s users praised the artist Yasmine Abdelaziz, who announced his association with him recently.

The post witnessed the follow-up praise for the emergence of Yasmine in the series “We Love Tani Les”, especially that she did not use exaggerated beauty tools, and in the post came: “Her beauty is a pinnacle in sophistication and simplicity, her representation is natural, spontaneous and professional, and she knows what to wear that suits her and fits her roles and knows aspiration without a make-up in A scene with confidence. ”

Al-Awadi commented on the post he shared: “My Property”, following his words with “two expressive symbols in the form of a heart”, referring to the love story that links them.

In turn, Yasmine Abdel Aziz replied to Al-Awadi in a comment in which she said: “You are my life” to answer it with a group of expressive hearts.

There were many questions about Yasmine Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Al-Awadi regarding the nature of their relationship, especially that all that Yasmine announced about her relationship with Al-Awadi is a post in which she wrote “I love you, Ahmed”, to respond to it with the same words and said “I love you, Yasmin,” without revealing any details.

This came after a major crisis that erupted between Al-Awadhi and Yasmeen Abdulaziz’s brother, Walid, who first disclosed the matter and caused a major crisis for his sister, which forced her to reveal her love for Al-Awadi.

Ahmed Al-Awadi presents the role of the terrorist Hisham Ashmawi during the events of the series “Choice”, with the artist Amir Karara, directed by Peter Mimi, and the series has been a great success since its introduction.

The series “The Choice” starring Amir Karara, Ahmed Al-Awadi, Dina Fouad, Islam Jamal and a number of guests of honor including Salah Abdullah, Mohamed Imam, Aser Yassin, Mohamed Ragab and Iyad Nassar, written by Baher Dowidar and directed by Peter Mimi, and produced by Synergy.

The actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz also presented the series “We Love Tani Lei” during Ramadan 2020, written by Amr Mahmoud Yassin, starring: Sherif Mounir, Ola Roushdy, Karim Fahmy and directed by Mostafa Fekry.

The Ramadan series, in a social and romantic frame with some comic scenes, revolves around the problems of the couple and the family in general, where an issue is discussed from the reality of society and most couples suffer from it.


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