A German document explaining … how will the Bundesliga return with the presence of 322 individuals?


A German document consisting of 41 papers revealed that the Bundesliga administration set standards for the possibility of returning the championship in the coming period, as there will be 322 individuals in every match, regardless of the fans.

European media indicated that at least 322 people must be present in every match inside the stadium at the start of the match in order for it to be possible.

Each match will be arranged according to an accurate schedule as individuals begin to rush to the stadium starting at 8 am for the match at 3:30 pm.

According to the document, the Ponsliga administration divided the flow of everyone to the stadium into a number of departments, with a maximum of 100 being present in each area during the same time.

Attendance will be divided into 3 regions:

Zone 1: They will be allowed to enter the stadium and the surrounding area, the tunnel of the players, the dressing rooms, the doping area and the medical zone, they are: players, photographers, balls children, referees, security, video referee technician, medical staff, replacements, technical staff, numbering 98 Person.

Zone 2: related to the rest of the stadium including the VIP area, the media area and the control room and they are: security, medical services, championship representatives, doping officials, stadium management, landowner officials, guests, firefighters, written press, television, video and TV technician, And a technical analyst, numbering 115 individuals.

Zone 3: The television area and the area outside the stadium. They are: security, television crews, video and TV rule technicians, numbering 109.

No date has yet been set for the return of Bundesliga, which has been stalled since March, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic on the European continent.


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