A horror movie .. A young woman dies at her mother’s funeral, which is infected with SK


Corona virus has transformed a young woman’s life into a nightmare since he entered her house and infected her mother, destroying her quiet home and kidnapping her from her arms, but the young woman could not resist in her mother’s funeral, a victim of coronavirus and died of sadness.

Laura Richards, Aina, 32, suffered a heart attack as soon as her 63-year-old mother, Julie Murphy, was buried. The heart attack intensified, and the terrified relatives and the deputy who performed the funeral tried to save Laura but she died at the scene, according to a newspaper. British “Daily Mirror”.

She was among the few mourners allowed to bury her mother, “Jolie,” due to the rules of social separation. Jolie, a mother of four, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and dementia, died on March 15 after contracting her Corona virus at the nursing home.

Her sister, Sadie, 45, said that the family was in a double tragedy, and she was telling what happened during the funeral, saying: “They were dragging my mother onto the ground suddenly. Laura said: I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”

And she continued: “She was holding her chest. My daughter asked her to sit, put a coat around her, but she could barely speak or catch her breath,” Even the deputy tried to help save her life, but there was nothing that could be done, she had a severe heart attack. ”

“Lose your sister at your mother’s funeral – it’s like a horror movie.” This is the feeling that clouded “Sadie” whose family has been broken down one by one by the virus.


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