A major Egyptian director linked to “Princess Zanzibar” .. and abandoned Hollywood to marry him


Najia Ibrahim Bilal, who was known as “Coca”, entered the cinema door from the theater, where she started her life in the Ramses and Fatima Rushdie divisions, then left the theater to the cinema to work as a montessor in the montage department, Studio Egypt, which was headed by Niazi Mustafa.

Coca then went on to act in two films, the first entitled “Gate for Architecture,” directed by Alexander Farkash and starring Ali Al-Kassar, and the second in the film Widad directed by Ahmed Badrakhan and starring Umm Kulthum.Coca caught the attention of the English star Paul Robinson and assigned her starring role in front of him in the English movie “Merchant of Salt”, which depicted his scenes in Lebanon, after which the fans made a legend and dubbed her the title “Princess of Zanzibar” and witnessed the coronation parties of King Edward VIII to the throne of Britain as an African African princess.

The international director Alexander Korda met her there and offered her to star in a movie directed by him in Hollywood, but director Niyazi Mustafa had submitted to her engagement before that trip and refused to agree to her traveling to Hollywood and asked her to return for the sake of the homeland so she obeyed his command and sacrificed the world in order to marry him.

In Cairo, Niyazi Mustafa presented her for the first time in a first starring role in the movie “The Factory of Wives”, but he used to paint for her that Bedouin character, so he chose her to star in front of Badr Lama in the movie “Rabhah”, which he wrote his dialogue and his children Bayram Al-Tunisi, and the success of that character was Reason for presenting the starring series Antar and Abla, which he started with the film Antar and the play of dialogue and Azjal Bayram, the Tunisian also written by Abdel Aziz Salam, and presented Salah Abu Saif in a second movie in the same character in front of Seraj Mounir entitled “The Adventures of Antar and Abla”.

Niazi also re-directed the film two more times, the first in the name “Antar bin Shaddad” and the second in the name “Antar invades the desert”, in which Coca played the role of Abla as well, in front of a new Antar, Farid Shawqi.

And her character was imprinted in the minds in the image of Abla the Knight of the Desert, who is fluent in speaking the Bedouin dialect fluently because she was apprenticed by Bayram Al-Tunisi.
She also played two other roles in the Bedouin roles in two films, “Rawya” and “The Black Knight,” and she also played Laila Al-Amiriya in front of Qais, who played Yahya Shaheen, according to the book “Pioneers and Pioneers of Egyptian Cinema” written by Mohamed El Sayed Shousha.


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