A new development .. Paris finds Corona in the irrigation water of gardens


Sunday 19 April 2020 21:05

The authorities of the French capital, Paris, said on Sunday that they had found “traces of” the new Corona virus, which caused the Covid-19 epidemic, in a water network dedicated to cleaning streets and irrigating public parks.

The water network concerned uses non-drinking water, which is drawn from the Seine and the Urk Canal, to clean streets and water the lawn in the city’s parks and gardens, which are currently closed to the public, and also supplies its fountains with water.

The city’s highest environmental official, Celia Bellouille, said that the Paris Water Authority’s laboratory discovered very small amounts of the virus in four of the 27 samples collected across the capital, prompting authorities to immediately shut down the network as a precaution.

But she stressed that drinking water comes from a “completely independent” network and “can be used without any risks.”

The official said that the city of Paris is consulting with the region’s health agency to analyze the degree of risk before taking any decision.


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France Press

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