A pleasant surprise: the end of the global epidemic may be next week


the expected To be announced by researchers New York Next week about
The preliminary results of a study on hydroxychloroquine, a drug that the US President has said
Donald Trump, it is the drug that will change the “game” and write a survival for patients virus
The newcomer, according to CNN.


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Dealing with contacts

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One of the first scientific indications about whether or not the drug is useful against the virus.

Hydroxychloroquine is used
With malaria, lupus and other diseases, and yet
Doctors treat patients with it.

Doctors also prescribe a drug
Another with chloroquine, is called azithromycin.

The New York study is revised
Hundreds of medical records for hospital patients across New York State who are infected with the virus
The killer, to give A decisive conclusion about whether
Medicines will help or harm patients.

David Holtgrave said,
Dean of Albany College of Public Health, who heads the study team: “We wanted to get A conclusive result, and on this basis we move. “

A recent study has been suspended
Of chloroquine in Brazil because the people included in the study who were taking a dose
High of the drug were at greater risk of developing fatal heart disease.

Because of these heartfelt fears
, A Swedish government agency issued a warning that hydroxychloroquine should not be used
Outside clinical trials of Covid-19.

Albanian researchers will review information
Hospitals to see if patients taking medications have different results compared
With those who do not take it.

They will compare mortality rates
, Entry and exit rates from the intensive care units as well as any side effects of the medications.

Researchers hope to finish
From the study of the records of 1,600 patients divided equally into four groups: those who take
Hydroxychloroquine. And those who take hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin, and those
Who take chloroquine. And those who do not take any of the drugs as a comparison group.

Holtgraff stated that he hoped
In getting the final results in the week
Next or By the end of the month, which will be
The most important and important aspect of the world is that, based on the results, the world may adopt medicine
As a treatment for the virus.

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