A quirky argument between Amr Adib and his program team because of “advertising break” (video)


For suggestions of places to go out

A funny argument took place on the air, between the media Amr Adib, and the team preparing his program “The Story”, after the team repeated – behind the cameras – requesting “going out in an advertising break” more than once, while “Adib” ignored a little of their urgency until he lost the focus in the end, so he was Compelled to fulfill the request.

“Adeeb” said during the program broadcast via “mbc Egypt”: “The person knew the value of a student in the spirit of the school,” until their words stopped him, so he said: “Present, we look at an advertisement break, write me an advertisement break 40 times, a separator break, a sense that we are in old films “He concluded,” Is he the one who made the program for Tani? … an advertising break. ”

During the episode, the media hosted the heroes of the Ramadan series «Winsni», by artist Mahmoud Al-Laithi, artist Ahmed Sultan and artist Hazem Ihab .., and “Adib” was joking «Sultan» warning him of sneezing inside the studio.

And Adeeb said: “I saw you before the air and sneezed. The series is a comedy written by Tamer Faraj, directed by Rami Rizkallah and Islam Razah.

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