A recreation trip before the presentation of its series .. Mohamed Ramadan receives the summer with a vacation in El Gouna .. Video and photos


Take care Artist Mohamed Ramadan His followers and fans should share a video clip while spending a recreation in El Gouna, Red Sea Governorate, days before the start of the Ramadan race, in which he will participate in the “Prince” series produced by Synergy Company.

Ramadan posted a video of him showing him inside a lake in El-Gouna city, through his personal account on Instagram.

Ramadan celebrated the arrival of 100 views of one of his viewers in the Legend series, to become the first video clip that contains a dramatic scene with a view number of this number.

Ramadan posted the video through his Instagram account, and wrote: “Praise be to God for the first time in the history of YouTube, a dramatic scene that exceeds one hundred million views, the scene of the strangulation of Rifai Al-Desouki.”

Mohamed Ramadan in El Gouna
Mohamed Ramadan in El Gouna

Ramadan finished filming the series “Al-Prince” that will be shown next Ramadan, produced by Synergy, where director Mohamed Sami filmed the last scenes of work 3 days ago, which is the scene of the wedding of Mohamed Ramadan. Specifically inside one of the buoys on the Nile, the scenes gathered Muhammad Muhammad Ramadan, Ahmed Zahir, Regina, Muhammad Alaa Jamaica, and others..

“Prince” records the second cooperation between Mohamed Sami and Mohamed Ramadan in the TV drama, after presenting together the series “The Legend” in 2016, and achieved great public success in viewing ratios. Sami also cooperated with Ramadan in the cinema during the movie “Answer of Arrest” that was shown in 2017 In addition to presenting with him the clip “Rahayin Nishar”, which was launched at the beginning of January.


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