A source explaining the punishment of a student “Tik Tok” accused of inciting the work of M.


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Monday 20 April 2020

Books – Mohamed Atef:

An official source at the Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University said that the results of investigations with the student accused of inciting acts committed against university traditions through the application of “Tik Tok” may result in her final dismissal from the college if it is proven that she urged the students to commit actions that do not conform to the values ​​and traditions combined Undergraduates, the availability of bad faith.

The source added, in exclusive statements to “Masrawy,” that the student will be summoned to the investigation, and confronted with all the videos and all that was raised about it, and accordingly the investigation committee will take its decision.

This follows the decision of Dr. Mohamed El-Khasht, President of Cairo University, to refer a female student of the Faculty of Archeology to investigations for accusing her of behaviors inconsistent with public morals, university values ​​and traditions.

Al-Khisht said, in an official statement issued by Cairo University today, Monday, that the university has received many messages about a girl claiming to belong to Cairo University, and has raised social networking sites “Facebook” during the past hours by inviting girls to open cameras and record inappropriate videos for sums of money. Finance.

Dr. Al-Khasht indicated that upon receiving the messages, a name search was conducted between the university’s colleges, and it turned out that she is a remaining student to repeat the second year at the Faculty of Archeology, stressing that the student is referred to investigations to take legal measures against her, stressing that the university will take the maximum penalty against the student, which may reach For the final dismissal from the university, to commit actions that are not commensurate with university values ​​and traditions, and are not appropriate to the status of a university student at Cairo University.

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