A story of a female corona from death after her body was cremated … exciting details


Lord, harmful, beneficial .. The family of an old woman in Ecuador burned her body after she died affected by the emerging coronavirus and lived with her memory, and after a month has passed, a call came from them to tell them that she is alive.

Beginning of the story
Last month, the 74-year-old “Alba Traffic Granda” felt short of breath and fever as her temperature reached 42 degrees Celsius, so her family rushed her to the hospital.

Doctors confirmed that the old woman had Covid-19 disease caused by infection with the Corona virus, and the patient entered a coma and announced her death, and since the age is still the rest of the doctors’ confusion between her body and another infected body.

The family received an unknown body and did not know that it was not the old man’s body, they performed the rituals and burned the body and the memory of her death was immortalized with the remaining ash, but the surprise occurred.

The old woman woke up from her coma a month later and gave the nurse her name, sister’s name and phone number according to Sputnik and then asked her to call her, the family was surprised by the grandmother’s voice on the other side of the phone.

They rushed to the hospital to receive it after her condition improved, and the doctors decided that the number of the injured and the deaths in the hospital, which resulted in complete chaos, but the old family filed a lawsuit on the hospital to receive compensation that could reach two thousand dollars.

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