A strange creature discovered in the ocean depths near Australia .. Video and photos


A Schmidt Oceans mission discovered a strange creature in the depths of the Indian Ocean, very similar to strings called “siphonofors”, off the coast of Western Australia.

The newspaper The Newseuk newspaper reported that the strange creature is very similar to jellyfish, as it has many millions of members interconnected, each with a different function, it may be the largest creature siphonofors has been monitored so far.

The report pointed out that the scientific team is on board the main research vessel RV Falkor For the Schmidt Institute of the Oceans, I discovered the organism, a type of siphonophor known as Apolemia , Using a remote submarine in a deep sea environment.

Strange creature in ocean works (1)

And the Schmidt Institute for Oceans published, through his account on Twitter, a video of the strange creature, indicating that the most common question asked to them about its size, where through an underwater submarine operating at a distance, estimated the size of the outer outer ring 15 meters, equivalent to 49 feet.

Strange creature in ocean works (2)

In another tweet, the institute added: “Check out this beautiful gigantic siphonophor, a polymia that seems to be probably the largest ever.”

With the help of an underwater submarine laser, the report was able to estimate the outer ring of the siphonophor, with a diameter of 49 feet, indicating that this section alone is 154 feet tall, or is about 11 floors tall.

A spokesman for the Schmidt Ocean Institute told NEWSWEEK: “The entire creature is much longer, and the crew estimates that its total length is more than 120 meters, perhaps more than 390 feet … We are going to confirm external to these measurements.”


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