A teacher escaped from a private lessons center after the police raid: “What did we do with science?” (Video)


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A number of users of the social networking site, Facebook, shared a video that monitors the moment when the police forces raided one of the private lessons centers and a number of students gathered in it, despite the announcement of the closure of all private lessons centers in light of the state’s measures to protect and prevent the spread of the new Corona virus.

In the video, the location of the center or the date of its capture was not revealed, but it was only recently that the teacher escaped from the center after learning of the police arrival. The state is helping you, so you can do it for yourself. ”

And the officer continued: “You do not know that you will help in the spread of an epidemic. .

The officer concluded his speech by saying: “The owner of the center will be held accountable is the enemy of you and the state.”

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