A tragic end .. the death of a famous star due to the Corona virus


The English metro site announced the death of global star Andrew Jack, on the morning of Tuesday, March 31, at the age of 76, due to the emerging coronavirus – Covid 19.

And the website reported that Andrew Jack – the star of the Lord of the Rings series He was staying in a hospital outside the capital, London, and had suffered in recent days from complications from the Coronavirus, and his condition had deteriorated.

And kept Andrew Jack An actor to the end, as he last appeared outside Broadway on “Fern Hill” in September, and the report says that on the silver screen, he was known as “Crocodile Dundee”, “Desperately des Susan” and “Shattered Glass”, and was also a staple of Television, including a recent role in “you” as the owner of Moody Library, has also appeared in “Fraiser”, “Hulu’s”, Mozart in the Jungle, and HBO’s “The Sopranos.”

“My heart breaks, my wife, Gabriel Rogers, posted on Instagram’s photo and video thumbnail.” I tell you that we lost a man today, Andrew Jack was diagnosed with the coronavirus when he was hospitalized less than 48 hours ago on the outskirts of London. “She died today without feeling any pain, and died peacefully knowing that his children, children, grandchildren, brother, and friends, And we are all with him, take care of your loved ones. ”

Jack was working with a cast including Robert Pattinson on “Bat Man”, and Jack got it

On a big break in the movies to teach English actor Julian Glover to appear American for the 1989 Indiana Jones and the recent Crusade.

Jack Robert Downey Jr. taught how to speak like Charlie Chaplin in an Oscar-winning performance.

One of his most massive works was Peter Jackson’s Sprawling Trilogy, Lord of The Rings, and worked as a dialect coach for “Captain America” ​​as well as the Marvel film series.

Jack maintains long professional relationships with many stars as he teaches Downey Jr. on films ranging from Sherlock Holmes to Doolittle and has worked with a wide range of actors such as Scarlett Johansson.

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