Abdul Mohsen Al-Nimr’s embrace of Iraqi Rawan Mahdi raises the controversy


Saudi artist Abdul Mohsen Al-Nimr sparked controversy with one of his viewers in the fifth episode of the series “Umm Haroun”.The audience expressed their surprise at the scene in which the tiger appeared, embracing the Iraqi actress Rawan Mahdi for a few minutes, who plays the role of his daughter in the series, which the fans did not accustom to from him throughout his 40-year career.

Earlier, Al-Nimr attacked all those who criticized the series and described them as “sick”, who said: “There are sick people with conspiracy delusion and satisfactory suspicion even towards themselves, and there are deposits, God willing, we will get rid of them. The work is clear, it is creative work.” .On the other hand, Kuwaiti Information Minister Mohammed Al-Jabri announced today, Tuesday, the formation of committees to urgently investigate the passage of texts and scenes of Ramadan series for this year, due to what was raised about the existence of observations in some of them, according to the newspaper “Okaz.”

A number of series that began with the introduction of the current month of Ramadan, have sparked widespread controversy in Kuwait through communication platforms, including the series “Muhammad Ali Roud”, which was considered offensive to a category of Kuwaiti society, and the content of “Umm Haroun” for the life of Al-Fahad for its violation of history, and ( Cinemas 2020) because of its quotes from previous international films.

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