Abu Rida reveals a position that forced him to return Ward to the national team


02:01 am

Monday 06 April 2020

Books – Ahmed Sharouf:

Hani Abu Ridah, former president of the Egyptian Football Association, confirmed that he sees the decision taken on his part to return Amr Warda to the Egyptian national team camp in the last African Nations Cup – correct.

Abu Raida said, in statements, on OnTime Sports, that he was happy that the players of the two teams “were in the heart of one man” and requested that the player be returned to the camp after being excluded.

Abu Rayda said: “Talking about a crisis between me and Mohamed Salah is very difficult, because it is a very great value for Egypt, and this matter is completely shame.”

He continued: “I made a decision before the departure of Amr Warda and all the players were happy with that, but the next day I found that all the players are in the heart of one man and they want another opportunity for a rose, and I was happy with that.”

He concluded: “I told the players at the time if the team succeeded in crossing the first round of the nations of Africa with the full score, then Warda would return, and I was happy with that as a father to them, so I see that my decision was correct at that time.”


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