Abu Shuga: I will present a bill for citizens ’donation to the Viva Egypt Fund to confront Corona


Mohamed Fathy

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Saturday 4 April 2020 – 8:30 PM
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Saturday 4 April 2020 – 8:46 PM

Counselor Bahaa El-Din Abu Apartment, the head of the Wafd Party, announced that he would submit a draft law to the parliament, regarding the citizens ’donation to the Viva Egypt Fund to confront the emerging Crohna virus, indicating that this is in accordance with the constitution that states that every deputy has the right to present a draft law that is supported by the signature of ten members. Council at least.

Abu Apartment in a statement to the party today revealed that the project aims to have the participation of the citizens of the state in the burdens of the Corona epidemic, and that we be in front of the citizens ’donation to the Viva Egypt Fund, according to controls commensurate with the salary or monthly income, provided that someone who increases his salary Five thousand pounds by 5%, and whoever his salary exceeds 10 thousand pounds by 10%, and whoever his salary exceeds 15 thousand pounds by 15%, and whoever his salary exceeds 20 thousand pounds can donate 20%.

The head of the delegation affirmed that opening the door for donations to citizens is similar to what happened before that with regard to donating to the war effort in the 1970s.

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