Actress Hayat Al-Fahd’s followers attack Ayman Reda after insulting the artist


10 hours ago

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Damascus – «Al-Quds Al-Arabi»: The Syrian artist Ayman Reda published a picture of Kuwaiti actress Hayat Al-Fahd and commented on it by saying: “Remind me of something about it.” After the words of the Cheetah and its request to throw “arrivals” in the desert of Kuwait to confront the Corona virus.
But his opinion is this Alp has upon him the followers of the artist and his exposure to a severe attack on the media from her fans.
Although the Syrian artist deleted this image. However, this did not stop the attack against him.
A large number of followers continued to attack and criticize him on his personal page, as one of them wrote to him, “I did not know you and I do not have the honor to know you, but beware of defaming Kuwaiti artists and respecting yourself until what we copy in you tiles.”
Another follower wrote to him, “You yourself are a failure, neither a monastery nor a country without a heaven. Ayesh, you are a refugee, no history, no watermelon, and sweet is back even in the name of Yakhur, you are justified, justified, and leveled yourself is cute.
But the artist also received great support from the followers, who supported him completely against the words of the actress, whom they considered an abominable racist and shows that what is hidden is not what appears. While others mentioned it thanks to this labor on her and others, and this is not how the beautiful is returned.


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