Adel Mustafa: Al-Ahly’s doctor caused my complete paralysis


Mahmoud Bahi

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Tuesday 21 April 2020 – 1:36 am
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Tuesday 21 April 2020 – 1:36 am

Adel Mostafa, former Al-Ahly coach, revealed the scenes of his strong injury with the team in Al-Mahalla municipality match in the semi-finals of the Egypt Cup 2003.

“I was injured for a whole year from June 2003 to June 2004, I suffered a major injury to my feet, I was completely paralyzed, and he moved away 8 months ago, and my feet were subjected to amputation,” Adel said while hosting on OnTime Sports 2.

He explained, “I was injured in the municipal match of Al-Mahalla in Alexandria in the Egyptian Cup final, and the meeting was completed with an injury and after that I was put on hot feet of water instead of snow, which led to increased swelling.”

“The Al-Ahly doctor stopped the team bus on the way and bought a hot tea and put it in a bottle and put it on my feet. After the operation, they accused Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aziz of cutting the nerve in my feet,” the former clearing coach added.

“I have traveled to Germany 3 times for doctors in various specialties such as bones, spine, brain and nerves, and every time they tell me you will not play football again or your foot cannot be used in any work, and I have installed a medical device in my feet.”

“I traveled to Germany again in January, and the doctors told me not to come again, it is not worth it, you have no treatment, and I will not play football again.”

Adel Mustafa pointed out, “There was a method of treatment, either a surgical intervention of” curettage “of the blood grouping from the head of the nerve, or removing the blood grouping and cutting the nerve, and the doctor asked me to sign a commitment to release their responsibility.”

“A lot of people talked to me after returning to Egypt to play a retirement game, at which time I was 21, and I played my first season with the first team. Some people treated me well, and others considered that I had expired.”

He said, “In the month of February 2004 I went to Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aziz, who made a” suspicion “of my foot with a pin and felt it, then went to a German center in Egypt, and underwent physical therapy with him for a month, then I started walking and running and played the final of the Egypt Cup, what happened was a miracle. .

“Adel, two years after my departure from Al-Ahly, any touch of my foot, whether in training or matches, caused me severe swelling, and I get two days of rest, and I sleep only with painkillers, there is an empty part in the lateral foot muscle.”

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