After 111 games without defeat .. Iranian boy beat world champion of chess


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The Iranian boy, Ali Reza Firouza, achieved a heavy caliber surprise, by defeating world chess champion, Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, in the 90-minute match in the Banner Blitz Cup Final.

The 16-year-old Iranian, ranked 21 globally, beat first-ranked Carlson in the final game by 8.5-7.5 for the banter club Blitz’s online knockout competition, which totaled $ 14,000 in prizes.

According to Sky News, the world champion praised the level of his opponent after the match, saying: “I saw him amazingly strong and it was a good match. It was really unfortunate. I got out of the championship but it deserves full praise.”

For his part, the Iranian boy said: “I think the match was equal, and I don’t think I was better, I was just lucky.”

The duo are scheduled to collect a new match in a championship organized by Magnus Carlsen on the Internet on April 20, with a total prize of $ 250,000 and includes the best 8 players in the world.

It is worth noting that Magnus Carlsen broke Russias Sergey Teviakov to run 110 games unbeaten in 2005, after continuing unbeaten in 111 games in a row in January 2020.

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