After 20 years, Salim Salim was acquitted and he was discharged from his departure, Tsubel .. Who is responsible for leaving the twins to Al-Ahly?


A state of mystery controls the reasons that played a role in transforming the career of the most famous twin in Egyptian football, Hossam Ibrahim Hassan, which Hassan Hassan raised after revealing the scenes of his departure from Al-Ahly recently, and emphasizing that he was willing to continue inside the Red Castle, but he was forced to leave Then, Zamalek will join the traditional rivals of his club and complete his brilliant career in the stadiums in the white shirt.

Hossam Hassan revealed in a television interview that the reason for his departure from Al-Ahli was due to a joint decision between Hassan Hamdi, the former club president, and the technical staff led by German Rainer Zobel at the time, and that he did not find the appropriate honor during the team’s departure.

Hosam Hassan, the star of Al-Ahly and the former national team, confirmed that Saleh Selim, the former president of the Red Fort, was the main reason for his return to the Red Genie, after his professionalism in Swiss Neuchatel in the early nineties of the last century.

Hosam Hassan added, during statements to Ontime Stadium, that Salah Hosni was the manager of the ball for Al-Ahly at the time and came to Switzerland and spoke to me and my brother Ibrahim, assuring us that Al-Ahly needs us and that Saleh Selim wants us back again to the red giant, which we agreed to immediately without looking at any another thing .

The dean revealed that Al-Ahly was the basis for him and left Europe for him despite his remarkable brilliance in Switzerland, stressing that he returned from there to Saleh Salim’s house, who spoke to us that the value of the contract will be 40 thousand pounds, like the rest of the players, which was agreed upon immediately without any words and without The satisfaction of businessmen.

On the other hand, Imad Miteb, the former national team striker, affirmed that he was in love with Hosam Hassan, the top scorer of the former Pharaohs, and he was successful in playing next to him in the national team, stressing that he was the greatest Egyptian football striker ever, saying: “I felt that he had preserved the region of 18”.


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