After Ashour, Fathi and Ekrami, who are the champions of the upcoming massacre in Al-Ahly?


Everyone started watching the upcoming massacre in Al-Ahly after the departure of the trio Ahmed Fathi, Sharif Ekrami and Hussam Ashour at the end of the current season to end their contracts with the Red Castle, whether it was the desire of the player as is the case in the story of Ahmed Fathi, or a desire from the club as is the case in the scenario of Hossam Ashour, or By agreement of both parties as a story of honorable tip.

But it seems that next summer will witness another massacre of a number of players, and that these three players will take with them a large number of Al-Ahly stars, whose journey with the team is about to reach the end station.

The remaining numbers of the top Al-Ahly and the generation crowned with the Champions League title in 2013 decreased in half after the departure of the trio Sharif Ekrami, Hussam Ashour and Ahmed Fathi at the end of the current season, especially after Ikrami’s desire to enter a new experiment in search of the basic participation that he does not have in Al-Ahly, while the manager’s desire The technician did not renew Ashour’s contract and asked him to retire at the end of the current season, while Fathi decided to content himself with what he presented with Al-Ahly and to take on a new challenge, some rejecting the offer submitted to renew his contract in the Red Fort.

Al-Ahly’s current generation includes a group of young players with little African experience and crowning continental titles such as Mohamed Hani, Ayman Ashraf, Mohamed El-Shennawi, Ali Maaloul, Amr El-Soulia, Yeo Diang, Ahmed El-Sheikh, Hussein El-Shahat and Marwan Mohsen who have never been crowned with continental titles.

The departure of the trio Fathi, Ashour and Akrami resulted in the absence of a large part of the history of Al-Ahly club, which accompanied the golden generation in crowning many local and continental continental titles, and leaves the heavy legacy of a generation without sufficient experiences to achieve the aspirations of the Red Genie during the coming period.


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