After days of engagement, a businessman announces his engagement to a famous artist


Syrian businessman Abdullatif Sharaf announced his separation and annulment of his engagement to the Syrian artist, Tuline Al-Bakri, only 40 days after they got engaged.
The businessman published a post on his page on the social networking site “Facebook”, announcing his separation from the Syrian artist, saying: “Everything in this world is a division and a share. And we continue as friends … friendship remains the foundation and love of friends by Bedom, by wishing it with all my heart success and seeing it as you grow from success to success because it deserves all the best. ”

And the actress, Tuline Al-Bakri, announced on the sixth of last March about her engagement, commenting on it, saying, “There is nothing more beautiful than the moments of joy that we steal from the rubble.”

She thanked everyone who wished them well in their engagement.

For their part, the artist’s audience expressed their shock at the speed of the separation between the two parties, after just over a month of engagement, wondering about the reasons for the sudden separation.


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