After defending Hanin Hossam, Randa Al-Buhairi: If only one is wrong, he will not repent?


Actress Randa El-Behery defended Haneen Hosam A student of the Faculty of Archeology, who was arrested yesterday, because of a video inviting girls to go out in “Lifat” on the “Like” application for social communication, besides that she will be investigated at Cairo University because of the same video.

Randa Al-Behairi said, “May God defuse her Lord, Lord. Indeed, the separated days are de Yahbir,” which caused many to attack Randa for her sympathy for Hanin, to come back, saying, “Oh, our group, we have remained so difficult for this … the daughter of his young child. My age is almost twice her age. .. I knew that it was his part in the oath. May God not write this separately .. Imagining, I mean, what one person has a family and a certain house upset about it. And he .. Our Lord honors your origin .. Thank you for the insults .. Let me take good deeds and take you, you are sins .. He is you, if one is wrong in society, he will not be satisfied that he repents .. Deilh ?????? why like this ???? de door of repentance is open when our Lord ??? and you have locked in all of u people. “

Randa El-Behery
Randa El-Behery

The Public Prosecution had ordered the detention of the accused, Haneen Hussam Abdul Qadir, and presented it to resume the investigation with Sabah Baker, after she faced her with the accusations and what was seized with her, and watching video clips broadcast on her.

While Hossam Abdel Hadi, “employee”, the father of Haneen Hossam, the girl of Tik Tok, confirmed that his daughter is innocent of the charges attributed to her by incitement to immorality and debauchery, pointing out that the videos that his daughter has prepared are normal, and they are no more than youth videos like the rest of the videos that are published by girls and youth. From her generation, which comes in the context of humor and humor.

Abdul Hadi added: My daughter did not mean in any way incitement to immorality and immorality, stressing that he is his family from the committed and conservative families and we live in a popular neighborhood in the Shubra region.


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