After describing him as a lost person .. Abdel Moneim Amayri responds harshly to Ayman Reda


Syrian artist Abdel Moneim Amayeri responded to the remarks of artist Ayman Reda during his appearance on the program “We went to us” On the Lebanese satellite channel presented by the Lebanese media, Hisham Haddad In which Rida considered that Amayeri, the artist, “Sae ‘Daei”, asking him to take care of his health.

Ayman Redas statements have infuriated Abdel-Moneim Amayeri, who has sought to respond to it via a post on his Facebook account in which he said:Look, professor, a cigarette. How can I come down from your hands? Let your expression betray you, this time.

And theHe added, “Thank you, because you asked me to keep my health while I am a university professor, the director of the most important representatives of Syria and the Arab world, by asking you to keep your position because your words were unbalanced, like your dance … oh who is defective and the defect in you is manifold. How many defects are you and you are defective?”

Amayeri continued: “Practice your hobby by gathering dwarves around you to make your stature appear longer.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “We raised our actions with our history, which fell on a black point one day when it fell apart and was lost in a time that did not and will not be repeated. Thankyou … Finally, with the favor and forgiveness of those who assaulted and difference, but with what is better.”

Ayman Rida raised the controversy recently about his attack on many artists, the latest of which was the attack on Kuwaiti artist Hayat Al-Fahd, who demanded the expulsion of expatriate workers from Kuwait, to which Reda responded via his Facebook account with a comment in which he said, “Remind me to spit on it.” Before having to delete his comment later.

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