After doubts about the accuracy of the data .. Chinese Wuhan adjusts the number of Koro deaths


09:40 am

Friday 17 April 2020

Beijing – (dpa)

The Chinese city of Wuhan, the main focus of the outbreak of the Corona virus, has adjusted the number of deaths due to infection with the virus, to increase by 1290 deaths, to a total of 3869.

A statement of the Hubei Provincial Government, where Wuhan is located, said that the number of casualties had been adjusted due to reports arriving late from medical institutions and due to the death of some Corona virus patients in their homes while hospitals were overcrowded in the early stages of the epidemic.

“The registration of some deaths, was incomplete, and there were repetitions and errors in the reports,” the statement added.

The review comes at a time when there were doubts about the accuracy of Chinese data on the Corona virus, both inside and outside the country.

On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on Beijing for “full transparency” and exchange of information as part of efforts to combat the epidemic.

US President Donald Trump said earlier: “You do not know the numbers of people infected with Coronavirus in China.”

The Chinese government said the total number of confirmed cases of the virus in Wuhan had increased by 325, to 50,333 cases.

There has been widespread speculation over the past weeks that the number of Corona virus victims in Wuhan far exceeded official reports in late March.

There were many media reports of people who died in their homes without receiving medical care.

“The latest reviews were carried out” in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, in addition to the principle of responsibility to history, people and the deceased, “the Xinhua news agency quoted the local government in Wuhan as saying.

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