After Hanam Hosam and Sama Al-Masry’s affection .. Security searches for Al-Adham’s affection


The security services are intensifying their efforts to apprehend the affection of Adham, the famous tik-tuk girl, for inciting immorality and immorality.
The incident returns when the security services and the Department of Literature monitored several videos of Adham affection, in which she wore scandalous clothes and brought exciting movements that incited immorality and immorality, and by making investigations indicated that the girl was called Mawadah Fathi Rashad, and her reputation was Adham Adham, who belonged to the Governorate of Marsa Matrouh, and she presented several years ago to Cairo and worked In the field of tuk-tuk videos, she lives in an apartment in my city in the first assembly area and owns a luxury car model 2020, in addition to several projects and her wealth is estimated in millions, and a force of the arts investigation raided her apartment in my city in the first assembly area but turned out a little while before the raid intensifies r The detectives from their efforts to seize several were directed Momoriat places are expected hiding there.
It is worth noting that on March 29, Cairo security forces arrested Mawaddah Al-Adham and her friend, after they violated the government’s curfew to prevent the outbreak of the Corona virus, “Covid 19”, and photographed and broadcast them on social media, and after they were presented to the Public Prosecution in New Cairo, they ordered an evacuation She was released on bail of 20,000 pounds, pending the record number 64, the misdemeanor of the first assembly, in which she was accused of inciting a violation of the ban.
The security services had arrested a famous girl Tik Tok called Hanin Hussam in the Sahel region after asking the social media pioneers to arrest her for inciting girls to engage in sexual relations through an application on the Internet, and was followed by the days of Sama Al-Masry in the Azbakeya region after appeals to the Attorney General to arrest her because of the inappropriate clips And sexual overtones.

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