After his famous sentence about Snake and Zamalek on the Ramez program .. Hashtag Ali Maaloul leads Twitter


Hashtag Ali Maaloul was ranked first on the social networking site Twitter, and this came after Maaloul was a victim of the Ramez Jalal article program on the second day of Ramadan.While the Twitter pioneers quoted in their tweets some of the dialogue that took place between Ramez and Maaloul, they wrote the following:

Ramez Jalal: I will bring the snake to you or may I keep you going for Zamalek now

Ali Maaloul: No better snake

Ramiz Jalal: Afraid of animals? Do you know that I can spend time with Zamalek under the influence of fatigue?

Ali Maaloul: No fatigue is better

All right and freedom for any player is that he chooses to end his career with Al-Ahly and chooses a new step … because this wishes professionalism. And all the truth and freedom for the fans of Al-Ahly is that it immortalizes Ali Maaloul’s name for any other player, even though he is not Egyptian … because this wishes the fans’ love.

• I am a Tunisian, uh, but hello #Ali_Maaloul

When “Ali Maaloul” was exposed to the prank, Ramez Jalal Maaloul threatened to bring a snake to him, so Maaloul feared a great deal and demanded that he be expelled. Ramez replied that Maaloul could go to the Zamalek club in this way, but Maaloul replied to him saying: “Do not worry, the fatigue is easier. “.

Maaloul led his Al-Ahly team to qualify for the African Champions League semi-finals, after eliminating South Africas Sun Downs in the quarter-finals.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian League was suspended in mid-May due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.


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