After news of his deteriorating health … an agency reveals the whereabouts of the North Korean leader


Still a leader’s health North Korea Kim Jong-un and the ambiguity that resulted from his disappearance since the middle of this month tops the concerns of international newspapers, but rather it turned into a struggle between American newspapers and its Asian counterpart specifically in South Korea China, about who comes the accurate news about the Korean leader.
Several reports published by Korean and American media, today, Friday, reveal that Kim Jong Eun, the North Korean leader, may have left the capital, Pyongyang, hiding somewhere in North Koreas east coast, according to the New York Post.

Kim’s absence sparked speculation about his health this week, after reports that he was in critical condition after undergoing heart surgery, while South Korean “News” agency said that the Korean leader may be in Wonsan, a coastal city in Kangwon Province, where he was overseeing the construction of a large resort.

The agency clarifies that the movement of vehicles designated for the North Korean leader’s motorcade indicates that he is not present in the capital, Pyongyang, adding that the special train used by the leader was stationed in Wonsan, while his private plane remained in the capital.

And media reports in South Korea indicate that Kim will remain outside Pyongyang as a precaution for fear of infection with the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19”.

For its part, South Korea says it does not see any indications that Kim lost his grip on power, but the United States says it has a plan if it happens, while US President Donald Trump says reports about Kim’s health are “wrong.”

“CNN” was the first to report the deterioration of the Korean leader’s health, according to unidentified intelligence sources, stressing that his health is at risk, while the Chinese and Korean press downplayed these reports, explaining that he is being treated normally after a medical procedure he underwent this month.

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