After suspicious deals, the Supreme Media is responding to Khaled Miri and begins investigating Newton’s articles


The council decided the above
To organize the media
Summoning the legal representative of Al-Masry Al-Youm and an article writer
«I found it”
The site is named “Newton”, to investigate
Posted in several articles for 4 days in a row and download
Claims to isolate Sinai On behalf of Egypt, the selection of its own ruler, its internationalization and transformation into a free zone
Alamiya is not subject to Egyptian laws, and the council had ordered the opening
An investigation of what has been published.

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the above
The media listens to the statements of the legal representative of Al-Masry Al-Youm in a violation calling for the dismissal of Sinai

Health: 39 of those infected with Coronavir Virus have exited
Isolation hospitals

The complaints committee was
I had a meeting yesterday
I discussed
During it, the monitoring committee reports that confirmed the mentioned articles that were published on the paper newspaper
It was published on the official website of the newspaper carrying claims to violate the constitution to isolate the Sinai
On Egypt and the appointment of its own ruler and threatening the Egyptian national security .. The articles also included insults
Seriously violators of his opinion on these claims and monitoring reports confirmed that the author of the articles was described
Those who oppose his demands that they are “margins” and “liars” issue fanfare without flour on “patriotism” matters
Sovereignty and independence. ”

He was the journalist
Khaled Miri Editor-in-chief
The news,
Yesterday he wrote an article entitled
Suspicious deals, criticize
It contains suspicious lines for Newton .. And demands the Supreme Council to reveal the truth of his personality and nationality
Who is behind what he writes

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