After zero injuries .. Dubai eases restrictions on “Naif” and “Al-Ras”


Source: Dubai – Abdullah Al Mutawa

The Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai decided, on Sunday evening, headed by Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to ease the movement restrictions imposed on the areas of Al-Ras and Nayef and to allow the movement to return to normal during grace times from six in the morning until ten in the evening with continued restriction of movement During the night hours from ten in the evening until six in the morning, as is the practice in the rest of the Emirate of Dubai.

The committee’s decision to ease the restrictions imposed on movement, which lasted completely 24 hours a day, starting from March 31, came in light of the success achieved by efforts to combat the emerging Corona Virus in this region during that period, as no new infections were recorded in the general These two areas during the past two days, after completing more than 6000 medical examinations in their vicinity in less than one month.

Stay at home

This decision allows life to return to normal to a large extent in the regions of Al-Ras and Nayef, taking into account the conditions and precautions contained in the committee’s decision issued a few days ago to reduce restrictions imposed on the movement of individuals and a wide sector of economic activities throughout the emirate, where the ban has been applied to movement during the period from Ten in the evening until six in the morning, as everyone is obligated to stay at home and not leave during those hours except for the most urgent necessity and in urgent health cases, while continuing with the vital sectors excluded from work, including delivery services and hospitals.

In addition, the committee clarified that the intensive procedures that took place in these two regions due to their high density, in view of the large number of people in addition to the large commercial activity in them, which included sterilization operations as well as medical examinations related to the Corona virus conducted by the specialized teams from the Dubai Health Authority, It was done very easily within a tight framework of precautionary measures aimed at providing full protection for the field work teams in charge of these operations, the volunteers as well as the general public, while all the basic supplies and food supplies were provided to the residents of the region during the closure period. For the whole, in cooperation with large numbers of volunteers who made a great effort in carrying out this and other tasks and demonstrated the extent of exemplary community cohesion in times of crisis.

She expressed the hope that this good achievement will be a prelude to a new stage of confronting the pandemic that the world is joining together to address, and that it will be a start to take the indicator of the number of injured people in an opposite direction leading to the final elimination of this major health challenge, while the Committee stressed that spatial divergence and conservation On the safe distance between people (at least 2 meters) and keeping it possible to not mix with others, wear masks at all times outside the home, use sterilizers, pay attention to hygiene, and wash hands continuously with soap and water for a period of not less than 20 seconds. Ross and limit its spread.

Understand and cooperate

She also thanked the residents of these two regions for their great understanding and cooperation, which contributed to the success of the anti-virus efforts, as well as to all those who participated in achieving this achievement, which highlights the efficiency of the precautionary and preventive measures taken at the emirate level, and the great efficiency of the first ranks within the various Field crews contributing to the response to the epidemic, and the Committee appreciated the great efforts of teams: the Corona Virus Control and Control Center, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Police General Command, Dubai Civil Defense Department, Dubai Ambulance Corporation, Roads and Water Authority Assilat in Dubai, Dubai Municipality, Emirates National Foundation, and others that have worked around the clock during the past months to ensure the highest levels of protection for citizens and residents alike throughout Dubai.

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