Agiri clarifies Salah’s special demands with Egypt


The former coach of Egypt, Javier Aguirre, stated that Mohamed Salah’s special demands during his training for the pharaohs were aimed at developing his level, saying that Liverpool is the best place for the player.

Agiri said in his remarks to the English newspaper, “Daily Mail”: “I am in contact with Mohamed Salah, I have sent him congratulations on the occasion of Ramadan a few days ago.”

He continued: “I talked a lot about him, maybe he receives hundreds of messages, but he always keeps in touch with everyone, players like Salah and Aguero are easy to deal with.”

He added: “They have the talent, but they come from a modest society, not from the children of the wealthy, they had to fight for what they have achieved, but they do not forget their families, their neighbors and their roots.”

While Javier Aguirre led Egypt and Mohamed Salah in the last African Nations Championship, he was the first to receive Sergio Aguero after moving to Europe, where he played for Atletico Madrid, only 18 years old, and played 3 years under the leadership of the Mexican coach.

He continued: “Sometimes the players have requests, and I am not happy with this, Sergio Aguir Hama is Diego Armando Maradona, and he once asked if he could attend a closed training session in Atletico, he put me in the position but I know Diego well, he was not the worst person He can attend the exercise. ”

And Mu could ask to go to the gym an hour early, and asked if he could bring a special physical stomach with him, I told him (of course, if you want this), and the reason why you accept this is that this man wants to be Best.”

He continued: “I think Mohamed Salah specifically has reached the best place he can reach, he feels comfortable in Liverpool, he is happy there and they are happier with his presence.”


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