Ahmed Hassan comments on the Fathi renewal crisis with Al-Ahly


01:12 AM

Sunday 05 April 2020

Books- Ahmed Sharif:

Ahmed Hassan, the former football director at Pyramids, who previously wore the Al-Ahly shirt, said that there is a question mark about the departure of Ahmed Fathi, the former redback.

Hassan said in statements via Al-Nahar channel that, that the Al-Ahly administration had already been late in negotiating with him before, which was repeated with Fathi.

Hassan said: “Al-Ahly administration had to resolve the negotiations with Fathi early, and it was imperative not to wait to negotiate with the rest of the players.”

He continued: “Al-Ahly does not need Hussam Ashour and a honorable sheriff with full professionalism for them, unlike Fathi, so they had to negotiate with him as early as what happened with Walid Suleiman.”

He added: “This is what happens from the management of Al Ahly over the ages. They followed the same policy with me, but this is not professional and should be changed.”

And Abizaid: “Ahmed Fathi has the right to leave, of course, and the player made his decision with reason and out of passion, but there is a big question mark on Pyramids.”

He concluded: “How to contract a 36-year-old player for a period of three years, Pyramids included Ahmed Fathi not only technician and there are things that the club management must clarify.”

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