Ahmed Hassan on his move to Zamalek: “There were special circumstances.”


Ahmed Hassan, the former star of Egypt’s national team, said in exclusive statements to “Super Koura”, that the decision to transfer him to Zamalek Club came under special circumstances at the time, the most prominent of which is the sharp disagreement between him and Manuel Jose, the technical manager of the team at that time.

The falcon went on to say: I had a strong feeling of wanting to stick to the stadium and that was the most important reason for my move to Zamalek in particular, especially in light of an acute shortage in my position then at the White Castle

Hassan affirmed that the player’s circumstances are always determining his destination, whether technical or material conditions, indicating that Ahmed Fathi dealt with the file of his renewal of Al-Ahly professional and time alone will be able to judge his next experience after his departure from Al-Ahly, whether inside or outside Egypt.

On the alternatives of Fathi in Al-Ahly, Ahmed Hassan said: Mohamed Hani is a good player and needs a stronger personality only on the field, but he does not lack any technical incision in my opinion, especially since Fyler was relying on Hani in the presence of Fathi also, which confirms that the player has a lot to offer with the castle Red.

On the idea of ​​canceling the league, he said: The voices calling for the cancellation of the league are completely irrational because it is a decision that will lead to crises, whether in the first or second degree league.

He continued, saying: “It is difficult to define the league champion now, and the most difficult of the league champion title is to determine the descending teams because the league has many rounds that are not tired and the best is to complete the championship after a period determined by officials in the state next period.

There were many indications that the Football Association had decided to cancel the league competition this season, against the backdrop of the recent outbreak of the Corona virus, which struck the world, to stop all sporting activities, not only in Egypt but the whole world.


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