Ahmed Moussa surprises viewers with a free service in Sham Al-Naseem tomorrow .. Watch


The journalist Ahmed Moussa said that he will be on the air at 12:00 tomorrow tomorrow, then he will reappear at the basic date at seven in the evening.

During the presentation of the program “On My Responsibility” broadcast on the channel “Echo of the Country,” Moussa added, “Rest in your house and celebrate and eat whatever you want, and the beautiful Egypt will be with you in your house.”

Moussa addressed the viewers, saying, “Everyone sends his photo or video clip during his celebration with his family at home to be shown on the air.” He appealed to citizens to remain committed and stay at home.

And Moussa continued: “We will provide you with a free service tomorrow, by contacting you, and we aimed to make you happy, but the most important thing is to stay at home to ensure your health.”

He concluded: “We want to make good today without gatherings, and we want to pass in peace, and God willing, today, I promise good.”

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