Akhbar al-Youm al-Youm … Health: 1.5 million citizens were tested for a virus


“The Seventh Day” published a number of important news during the past hours, in the forefront of which, the Ministry of Health and Population confirmed that fever and chest hospitals have provided medical and treatment services to more than 1.5 million citizens of sick cases that frequent these hospitals or suspected of being infected with the Corona virus emerging since the emergence of the virus In Egypt, even now, for free, through 81 fever hospitals and issued in the various governorates of the Republic, with an average daily frequency of more than 25 thousand cases.

Dean of Cairos Antiquities: The student Haneen’s confrontation with videos and punishment reaches the class

Dr. Ahmed Ragab, Dean of the Faculty of Archeology at Cairo University, said that the result of the investigation with the student Hanin may reach the final semester if it is confirmed that the student’s intentions are bad and that she urges the students to irresponsible actions and does not agree with the university values ​​and traditions, the matter may reach the classroom, and therefore will be called The female student is to be investigated with her and she is confronted with all the videos and everything that has been raised about him and her response, and accordingly the ruling of the investigation committee, which is consistent with the university’s preservation of its role and its rejection of any deviation from the moral context and moral framework implemented by the university, will be.

IMF: Egypt is the only country among the Arab countries to achieve economic growth this year

The International Monetary Fund Director, Kristalina Georgieva, said today, Monday, that Egypt will be the only economy among the Arab countries, which will achieve growth this year, indicating that the Egyptian economy will grow by 2% in 2020, according to Russia today.

The story of “Like” application and Hanin Hossam after Cairo University’s decision to investigate its videos

Haneen Hussam, a student at the Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University, one of the most famous users of social media, related to the short videos “Tik Tok” and “Like”, because of her style in providing videos, and inviting some girls to provide content through one of the applications, is Which brings them an income in dollars, which raised the ire of many.

Video .. Egypt’s beaches and gardens without Egyptians for the first time in Sham El-Naseem

In their celebrations to smell the breeze in the past years, the Egyptians used to go to the beaches and public parks, but this weather disappeared and completely different this year after the state warnings of any gatherings in order to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus, so the beaches came for the first time without citizens, as well as public parks and all parks and cafes, and this is what I confirmed. The Ministry of the Interior itself to measure how well people respond to instructions.

The wife of the martyr Ahmed al-Louwah and two women are discharged from the Quarantine Hospital after their recovery .. Pictures

Major General Adel Al-Ghadban, Governor of Port Said, received today, Monday, after returning from his field trip in the various districts of the governorate to follow the precautionary measures during Sham Al-Naseem, three women from Port Said who were similar and recovered from the isolation hospital in Abu Khalifa in Ismailia. Marwa Abdo Al-Saeed is a member of the Nursing Staff of Al-Zuhur Hospital and Anisa Abdulaziz, in the General Office of Port Said Governorate.

Antil Al Doha .. Tweeting to “Abdullah Al Sharif”: please expose you to every shape and color

Antil Doha, Hashtag has released Trend Egypt on the social networking site “Twitter”, to expose the immoral actions of the Brotherhood activist Abdullah al-Sharif, especially with the emergence of leaks that reveal his involvement in sexual talks with women, and the participants demanded through the hashtag that the deportation of Abdullah al-Sharif, nicknamed ” Sheikh Trter “to Egypt to hold him accountable, while others mocked him because of his appearance, which indicates that he is a religious person because of his long beard, while his actions and actions are far from this deceptive body.

Video .. The Interior rises up against the corrupt rivals and unknown source corona

The video of the General Administration of Supply and Trade Police in coordination with the departments and departments of the Supply Police and its geographical branches in the security directorates and the public security sector is monitored by its enlarged ration campaigns to control commercial fraud crimes, as these campaigns have resulted in many positive results, including corrupt foul seizures and anonymous corona gags.

“Education” announces applied research projects for students of commercial technical education

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced today, Monday, the applied research projects for the years of transport in commercial technical education of all kinds and specialties, provided that research will be announced to the rest of the majors in technical education successively until Thursday, April 23, 2020.

Hanin Hosam is trying to absolve herself: “Leviathans have helped families who cannot find erosion”

Haneen Hosam, a student of the Faculty of Archeology at Cairo University, who was referred today to the investigation for conducting behavior incompatible with public morals, values ​​and university traditions, appeared in a video on her account via “Instagram”, in which she commented on the decision, “I found people sold the video that spread on Facebook to an anchor He talks about me, and frankly the broadcaster played it right because he cut the video on my Instagram account, and analyzed it on his mood, and in people who do not know what it means to “speak” which I have spoken about.

Meteorology: High temperatures tomorrow and Shaburah in most parts and the great in Cairo 32

Meteorological experts expect that tomorrow’s weather will witness another rise in temperatures, as Greater Cairo witnesses a heat tantalizing day and a cold day at night, water splashing in the morning, suspended impurities and moderate winds, and the sea side witnessing a weather tilt during the cold day at night, water splinters in the morning, and suspended impurities The winds are moderate, and on the northwest coast, it is hot weather during the cold day at night, the morning water splash, and the winds are hot and sandy and dusty.

Presidents’ presumption: Sham El-Nessim reflects the love of the Egyptian people for a life that he inherited from his ancient ancestors

Mrs. Intisar Al-Sisi, the wife of the President of the Republic, said that we celebrate the Day of Sham Al-Naseem, whose wonderful rituals symbolize the highest human meanings of joy, tolerance and human solidarity, which reflects the love of the Egyptian people for the life that they inherited from their ancient ancestors with their ancient civilization.

Education allows an electronic apology for participating in the high school exams

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education has made available the link not to participate in the general secondary exams for the current school year 2019, 2020, where the teacher can register his desire not to participate by entering his own code, national number and password, on the following link. http://thanwya.emis.gov.eg/TeachNo/login_teach.aspx

The Prime Minister reviews a report from the Minister of Solidarity on efforts to prepare medical isolation sites

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, reviewed a report from Nevine El Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, on a plan and efforts to prepare medical isolation places in coordination with the ministries of health and population, higher education and scientific research, youth and sports, and the report dealt with the presentation of the headquarters that have been completed, and those Processing is in progress.

How do you celebrate sniffing the breeze and the month of Ramadan without infection with the Corona virus? Health answers

The Ministry of Health and Population directed a series of tips to celebrate Sham Al-Naseem and the holy month of Ramadan without infection with the Corona virus, and the Ministry of Health and Population directed its advice to citizens: Make sure to implement the mechanisms of prevention of Covid infection 19, maintain social divergence, and communicate with others by phone and video chat, and share their joy.

Professor of National Nutrition for Research: Corona has no relation to fasting and risky gatherings

Dr. Suzan Fouad Suleiman, assistant professor of medical nutrition at the National Research Center, said that the Corona Covid-19 pandemic that afflicted the whole world is an epidemic disease that is transmitted between humans by spraying the patient when it reaches the nose, mouth, or eye of a healthy person, and the infection spreads very quickly from a person For another by spraying sneezing or coughing, it affects the respiratory system, which may lead to severe pneumonia that may lead to death.

Video .. Moataz Matar family seeks to revoke the citizenship of the fleeing Brotherhood

Reem Samir, the wife of Muhannad Matar, brother of the fleeing terrorist Moataz Matar, published a video explaining the family’s intention to file a lawsuit to revoke the Egyptian nationality from the latter, stressing that he does not deserve it.


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