Al-Ahly and Fyler discuss the fate of external shows by Walid Azzaro


The National Football Planning Committee, headed by Mohsen Saleh, is studying the offers received by Walid Azzaro, the striker of the loaned team to the Saudi Al-Ittifaq club, until the end of the current season. .

Azzaro departed from Al-Ahly for the Saudi agreement last January for a period of six months, and Rene Vyler did not specify the Moroccan striker’s position on whether to return to the Red Castle or not, and the technical manager is still studying the situation like the other loaners of other clubs.

Walid Azzaro received 3 offers during the last period to contract him during the next summer transfer period, in case he did not return to Al-Ahly after the loan was over, and he learned “the seventh day” that Walid Azzaro He received offers during the last period from clubs in Saudi Arabia and abroad, and 3 clubs currently expressed their desire to include the Moroccan striker, along with the Saudi agreement, which also seeks to buy the player permanently from Al-Ahly.

The Planning Committee wishes to reach a final decision with Feiler on the fate of the Moroccan striker who left from Al-Ahly last January to agree to a six-month loan period, and Al-Ahly has not yet announced the fate of the player on a formal basis, so he may return to the team at the end of the season and the loan may be renewed.

The Moroccan striker appeared well with the agreement, although the freezing of sporting activity in the whole world because of the “Corona virus” prevented Azaru’s brilliance in the agreement..

Rene Fyler had confirmed that the way to play behind Walid Azzaros departure from Al-Ahly for Al-Ittifaq club, clarifying in statements on On Time Sport that Azzaros method of playing did not fit his plan, and thus he got out of his accounts saying, “Azzaro is good at playing counter-attacks, and they are not appropriate. With me and his departure was the best decision“.

On the other hand, Khaled Al-Nasser, director of the media center of Al-Ittifaq Club, confirmed that rumors about Walid Azaru being infected with the new Corona virus, causing great damage to the player, explaining that “some electronic news sites and external newspapers, spoke about Azaru infection with the emerging corona virus, after returning from Morocco before stopping the flight, the fact is that it is in full health and wellness, and continues its home training according to the program developed by the technical apparatus led by the patriot Khaled Atwi“.


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