Al-Ahly reassures “Defender” El Gouna before Mercatos summer .. Learn more


Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the football manager of Al-Ahly Club, had several contacts with Akram Tawfiq, the loaned team player for El-Gouna Club, to check on him and to inquire about him about the offers he had received during the last period from several local clubs to buy him, in the forefront of which El-Gouna who wants to convert the loan contract for a final purchase.

Akram Tawfiq offers good offers with El Gouna, which increased his shares in returning to the Red Castle during the summer transfers, especially after the departure of Ahmed Fathi, the team player at the end of the season, for not renewing his contract.

Abdel Hafeez is keen to follow the conditions of loaned Al-Ahly players, especially those who intend to return them to the team again or those who receive offers from other clubs, and Al-Ahly football manager spoke with Akram Tawfiq about the technical staff praising his performance with El-Gouna and the emergence of a strong trend in the Red Castle to restore it again .

On the other hand, the report that will be received by Rennes Feiler, the technical manager of Al-Ahly, on the loaned players from Al-Ahly to other clubs, determines the fate of the deals that the club intends to conclude during the next summer transfer period, where the technical manager refused to rush into the file of new deals, especially as there is more than one player Featured loaned by Al-Ahly for local clubs, the Swiss coach wants to stand on the level and performance of these loaned in order to determine the centers that need support in a practical way.

Feiler requested a comprehensive report on all players Al-Ahly The loaners, led by Salah Mohsen, Nasser Maher, Karim Yahya, Fawzi Al-Hinnawi (Smouha), Walid Azaro (Saudi Agreement), Ahmed Yasser Rayan, Akram Tawfiq, Bassem Ali, Mahmoud Al-Jazzar (El-Gouna), Hussein El-Sayed Marcelo (Sfaxi Al-Tunisi), Mohamed Sherif (Enppi), Amr Gamal, Ammar Hamdy and Ahmed Alaa (Vanguard of the Army).

Feiler believes that it is possible for the team to take advantage of some of those loaned in several centers instead of including new deals, so the Swiss coach hopes to find his lost in these players to support more than one position in Al-Ahly and one of the most important centers that need support, the Yemeni front after the departure of Ahmed Fathi who He refused to renew his contract with the club.


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