Al-Amiriya events: “Two gunmen and an Egyptian officer were killed” in an exchange of fire east of Cairo


Egyptian police

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An exchange of fire took place between the Egyptian security forces and armed men, in Al-Amiriya district, east of the capital, Cairo, according to sources at the Ministry of the Interior.

The sources confirmed the death of an officer from the National Security Administration and the injury of another and two security personnel, while the security forces eliminated all the militants.

She added that the security forces managed to enter an apartment, where the gunmen were holed up in a ten-storey apartment building, and took over the entire building, after about four hours of exchanges of fire between the two sides.

The sources reported that the security services had received information, according to them, that an armed group was preparing to carry out a terrorist act, in conjunction with the Coptic festivals that will take place next week.

Egyptian TV confirmed that a police officer was killed and three security men were wounded in an exchange of fire with suspected militants in Al-Amiriya neighborhood.

In a statement, the Egyptian Public Prosecutor’s Office said that the deputy has ordered an urgent investigation “into the terrorist incident that occurred today in the Amiriyya neighborhood. Sector. “

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The location of the clashes in the Izbet Shaheen area, in Al-Amiriya district, east of Cairo

These clashes began, at five oclock local time on Tuesday evening, in the Izbat Shaheen area in the Amiriyya district, amid warnings to the citizens of the region not to go out to the balconies or approach the windows.

In a breaking news, Egyptian state television announced a prospective statement for the Egyptian Ministry of Interior.

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