Al-Hadary responds to his accusation of facilitating the registration of a satellite channel


Issam El-Hosary, the historical goalkeeper of the Egyptian team, responded to his accusation of charging money in exchange for facilitating the registration of a satellite channel with the players during the national team’s camp at the World Cup Russia 2018.

Al-Hadary said in the first episode of the program “Sheikh Al-Harah and Al-Daray” broadcast on “Al-Cairo and Al-Nas” channel in Ramadan: “There are many rumors that have been said about me, and that rumor is trivial.”

He added: “I took legal action, won the case, filed a compensation case and awaiting judgment against this person. It is not permissible to offend me or anyone else.”

The 47-year-old concluded, saying: “I hope that God will do justice to me in the matter of compensation. Some have interfered and tried to convince me to give up, but I refused and insisted on completing the case to prove my right to the world.”


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