Al-Hadary reveals the two worst games in football history


Legend Issam El-Hadary, the former national and Al-Ahly national team goalkeeper and Zamalek, revealed the worst two games he had fought during his career with the round witch, and he does not wish to remember them.

Al-Hadary said during his statements on the “Abla Fahita” program on the On Screen, that one of the worst matches he played was Al-Ahly’s match against the coastal star in the 2007 African Champions League final, and the Red Genie lost the title at the time, and the second match with Egypt against Algeria in Umm Dorman.

The Egyptian team lost to Algeria with a goal without a response in the playoff, which qualified the Greens national team to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, which crowned the Spanish team..

The beginning, after Egypt beat Algeria in the Cairo Stadium, in the presence of more than 80,000 spectators, with two goals scored by Amr Zaki and Imad Mitib, and the two sides are equal in all matters. Sudan chose, while Algeria chose South Africa and the lottery is in Egypt’s interest.

And it was Essam ElHadary An apology to the fans of Zamalek Club, against the backdrop of the recent crisis that erupted between him and the fans of the White Castle.

Al-Hadary published a video clip showing the player Tareq Hamid, player of Zamalek, through his personal account on the Instagram site, to apologize to the club Zamalek, against the background of recent statements that angered the fans of the White Castle.

Al-Hadary said in the video clip: “It is possible in people that have spoken words between me and the fans of Zamalek Club, and Tareq Hamed is the one who initiated a reconciliation initiative between me and the fans of the White Club.”

Al-Hadary added, “Anyone who has altered my TV talk in the recent period is just a wrong transformation of my talk and has no basis in health, and the fans of Zamalek are on my head from above”, following up “is a very excellent initiative, and its goal is to deliver a message to the fans that the relationship between all players and coaches, and management Clubs are a strong and distinguished relationship, and will remain for life. ”


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